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Helping You Enjoy Your Adventure

The travel nurse, travel therapist, and travel allied professional resources here will help the first time traveler or the experienced traveler. These travel nurse, travel therapist, and travel allied professional resources were created for you because we want to help make your career the best possible. You will find amazing insights, remarkable resources, and helpful tools to make your life easier throughout your career.

Why Travel as a Nurse, Therapist, or Allied Professional?

Why do so many nurses, therapists, or allied professionals leave home for an adventure with Host Healthcare?

Our 13-week assignments allow healthcare professionals to receive excellent compensation and benefits. First off, you get to experience new locations, receive maximize flexibility and select your work schedule. Also, you get to meet new people while advancing your career. Finally, you have the option of traveling with your families and pets.

Your Life Can Be Your Best Adventure Yet!

Imagine working hours from Sedona, Yellowstone, Lake Tahoe, among so many other outdoor destinations. Love the city life? Try a new restaurant, go to a nighttime museum event or a concert, or simply enjoy the thrill of getting to know an unfamiliar city.

Most travel nurses and travel therapists work 36-40 hours per week, with extra pay for overtime. While you are on assignment, your Host Healthcare recruiter will continue to act as your travel nurse travel therapy resource. He or she will provide personalized support and act as your representative to your facility.

Bonuses for Working with Host

We know how important your job is to the lives of your patients and we believe that you should be rewarded for your hard work.

Depending on the facility and the number of assignments you work, we may be able to offer completion bonuses for certain assignments.

How to Start Traveling

Excited to get going with your new career in travel nursing, therapy, or allied? Here are the steps to take but if you have questions at any time, feel free to call us at (800) 585-1299.

  1. First, complete an online application.
  2. Next, you’ll talk to a recruiter about your background and where you want to travel.
  3. Your recruiter (and travel concierge) will prep you for a short phone interview with a facility.
  4. After a successful interview with a facility, you’ll be offered the opportunity to work at one of the best facilities or hospitals in the nation.
  5. Once you accept a position, your recruiter will help you get ready for your assignment and assist you with any details such as housing and transportation.
  6. While on assignment, contact Host with any questions or concerns! We’re always here to help.
  7. If you love your assignment and want to stay longer, that can usually be arranged. Or if you would like to take a break in between your assignments, that is never a problem. Flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of travel healthcare.